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05 June, 2008

MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM Status Checker and MSN Delete Checker

[ Download Newest Invisibility Checker v2.0 ]

The invisible feature is really great because sometimes you don't want people to bug when you're really busy. However, this useful feature is now pretty useless because there is a way on how to detect invisible users on Yahoo Messenger.
There are in fact many sites I


Straight forward. No software needed. Just visit XEEBER's website, enter the Yahoo ID that you want to check and click the magnifying glass.

2. Invisible Scanner

Also the same as XEEBER. Just enter the Yahoo ID and click the CHECK button.

There is a manual method which I read in a comment which is to invite the offline contact for conference. If the contact is really offline, you'll get an alert stating that the contact is offline. If nothing happens and you don't get the alert, it means the contact is indeed online! What a bug...

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