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27 June, 2008

Rip DVD's in 1CD or 2CD Rip in 10 Simple Steps

Step #1: Firstly u need to find out your main VOB files that contains the movie only. Do not select any other Menu/Extra VOB files. Highlight the main movie Vobs and click Open.

Reduced: 68% of original size [ 898 x 411 ] - Click to view full image

Step #2: After selecting ur Vobs, click on options and then click on video options:

Step #3: Make sure u *Uncheck* Hyper Scale and choose Scale By Pixels and set ur Resolution to 640x272. For video codec settings, choose XVID Hybrid (One Pass). Make ur screen looks exactly like this screenshot and hit OK:

Step #4: Click on Options again and choose Audio Options:

Step #5: Now this can be tricky, so pay attention. If you do not want to change any settings then simply make sure on Lame Min Bitrate is set to 128Kbps or below. But if u want to change ur Audio container to MP3, then *Uncheck* Use Lame To Encode: and click on Select Audio Codec Defaults and look for MPEG Layer-3.

Step #6: Now go to Options and choose Output Size Option:

Step #7: Make sure ur screen looks exactly like this Screenshot, however if u want a 2CDRip the on Target Size put the value of: 1400 MB:

Step #8: Go to Options and pick: Select Source Range:

Step #9: This is a very important step, so do not screw this up. This screen works just like a Video Splitter but only it's main purpose is to select start to end positions of ur rip. So first click on the 1st bracket and then drag the point all the way to the end and click on the 2nd bracket. Now click Done:

Reduced: 84% of original size [ 728 x 594 ] - Click to view full image

Step #10: Click on Start Encoding. Grab a cup of Coffee/Tea and wait patiently while it encodes for you:

You can check your Statistics anytime you like, it will show you the time remaining and the current % progress:

Remember this Software can be quite useful for professional rippers as well in many ways. So do not think that this is just for starters because there are many things you can do with this encoder.

Enjoy & Have Fun

You can download the Vidomi Encoder on these links, it's a Freeware:


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