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29 August, 2008

Computer Hacking

Computer hacking is a term used to represent illegal access to a resource of another persons computer. Hacking of a computer requires proficiency in programming, knowledge of the operating system or applications, and knowledge of hacking tools.

Initially the term hacker was used approvingly to acknowledge prowess in programming skills. Now it is a derogatory term used to denote criminals who have gained access to other computers and stolen data or personal information. This information is then sold to third parties for a sum. The term hacker was more than often wrongly used by the press and the term has hence stuck to the derogatory connotation of a programming.

Computer hacking is now performed using a variety of software's. These softwares can be downloaded from a number of sites. Using these softwares it is become easy for even teenagers who do not have programming knowledge to gain access to a computer that is not secure enough. Most teenagers take to computer hacking just to make a publicity statement among their peer group. This has landed quite a few teenagers in trouble as they had gone from proving themselves to making a fast buck in the process.

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