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29 August, 2008

Ethical Hacker

Can a hacker be considered to be ethical? What then does the term mean?

Ethical hacker is a person who legally attempt to break into a computer system. This is done with prior consent of the owner of the system or network. The purpose of breaking into the computer system is to check if there is any vulnerability and if the system can be hacked into by others. This is also called penetration testing.

Many ethical hackers are hackers who have turned into consultants to help prevent criminal intent hacking. Ethical hackers now have a certification called certified ethical hacking which makes them take an oath to a code of ethics in terms of hacking into others system.

Ethical hackers are also known as white hat hackers. Though the terms is meant to represent the good guys only they are another group of hackers who are known as grey hat hackers who sometimes function as ethical hackers and at other times are bad guys following black hat hacking methods.

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