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13 August, 2008

Feature rich group messaging service (SMS) |


SMS Gup Shup is a free group messaging service by webaroo. SMS Gup Shup is a feature rich service when compared to local player Activ Mobs. You can create a free account on SMS Gup Shup and add up to 100 friends (mobile numbers) into a group. If you send a message to group, it will be delivered to all members present in that group!

Group Creation:

Everything is easy with SMS Gup Shup. To create a group you can either create an account online at or just send CREATE GROUPNAME to 567673434

Adding Friends:

To add friends you can invite your friends by inviting them through web interface by giving their mobile numbers or email IDs. Your friends will be instantly added & start receiving your messages. You can also add friends through SMS. Send INVITE MobileNumber1, MobileNumber2….to 567673434.

Sending Messages:

Again you can use web interface after sign up to send messages to your group which is absolutely free :-). You can also send your messages to 56767343, which will automatically delivered to your group members. Messages to 56767343 may cost you up to Rs.3/msg depending on your operator.

Despite of you adding your friends to your group, anyone else also can join your group through online or sending sms JOIN GroupName to 567673434. For example: I have created a group TECHB for Tech Bangalore to update users about new posts. Anyone can join group by sending sms JOIN TECHB.

Group creator will have rights to remove a user from the group. You may not want your father inside your group ;-). Currently you can create only one group with one login (one mobile number).

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