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29 August, 2008

Hacking Programs

Hacking programs are the many ready made programs that help in the process of hacking.

These programs are mainly used as a reconnaissance so that the hacker gathers the important information before making the attack. The various reconnaissance programs are a part of the hacker's repertoire of tools. For a personal computer and networks it is mainly finding the various loopholes in the internet protocols and the security measures on the system. Port mapping is one method used. When the various attempts to get at your system through IP port fails then the method used would be sending you a mail or getting information through social engineering techniques that could help in further attacks.

Hacking programs are mostly available as spy ware the help others gather data from your system. It gives information by sending out data from key loggers and even screens shots. This might help the hacker to determine what other hacking programs to use to get control of your network or machine.

Some of the hacking programs are John the Ripper, Rainbow crack, bug bear, DeCSS 1.2b , Coldlife 4.0, PCHelps Network Tracer, Backdoor.IRC.ColdLife.30 , NMap Win 1.2.12 . Some of these program are used to hack websites as well.

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