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29 August, 2008

Hacking Run

A Hacking run is usually a hacking session where the hacker is attempting to get past a particular security level or the hacker is attempting to retrieve information and is limited by the entire volume of information. In such cases the hack session would usually extend beyond a day, sometimes twelve hours on a stretch.

In many case such a long period of hacking could spell danger as the persons sitting on the computer that is hacked or even the network that is being hacked into could get suspicious. However hackers are becoming cleverer and as such are using alternate methods of botnets and spreading the source of hacking so that they are not detected. Hacking by these methods would involve placing Trojans on unsuspecting persons computers and using these computer systems in the long sessions of hacking.

What ever the methods used by hackers they are always limited by the bandwidth of the internet and cannot get the ultimate out of it. The traffic and bandwidth factors reduce the speed of data transfer and hence may contribute to an extended session or hacking run. The best means of preventing a hacking run is to be security conscious and regularly look at the outgoing data and incoming data to find out if anyone is trying to access your network or system.

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