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29 August, 2008

Hacking Software

Hacking software is a wide variety of software sold in the market that makes hacking easy. It is as easy as the advert says it is. Click and hack.

Many of the hacking software features automated tools. These tools allow fraudsters to make major as well as minor changes on a computer or on a network of hacked PC's. All these can be achieved simply by the click of a mouse or drag and drop menu or even a pull down menu. You can even delete or add files on an infected computer

Many of these automated tools also provide you all the passwords stored on the computer. This may include passwords of user, or stored forms that contain personal information. Some softwares contain sophisticated algorithms to hack and crack encrypted password files. John the Ripper cracks MD% passwords in almost no time. Rainbow crack is another password tracker. Bug bear and IRC bots help you become moderators for a chat room or even pose as officials of the company. Many of the softwares are updated regularly with tools and scripts that could help you spy and hack into people's computers. Packet storm enables you to take a peek into IP packets and extract information that matters.

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