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29 August, 2008

Linux Hacking

Linux is an operating system that can be used on a computer. The Linux operating systems are run by the kernel which rules over the programs and hardware components. It is at the core of the system and has access to services that no other program has access to. Special tasks can only be carried out by going through the kernel first. The kernel does not allow programs to perform illegal operations and so this is why the kernel needs to be accessed in order for hacking of the Linux system to be successful.

Once a hacker gets into the Linux kernel, they can potentially change the system options in order to allow programs perform all sorts of illegal operations. It is important for the hacker to force the Linux operating system to allow these actions in order to successfully break into all areas of the system. Hacking can be used for many different reasons, from accessing private information stored in files to noting keystrokes which can be used to find out a person's passwords.

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