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13 August, 2008

Mail formats- Plain text, Rich text and HTML

Plain Text– Rich Text – HTML?

Why is it that in some messages that you reply to, you can change the font and make standard formatting changes just like a word processor but others you can not? The format of the message determines the flexibility you have when replying to or creating a new email message. There are three standard formats for an email message. They are described below.

* Plain Text - A plain text message is an email message that does not include colors, fonts or formatting. It is the most basic type of email that is easily readable by all e-mail clients today. It does not support pictures displayed directly in the message body (although you can include them as attachments).

* Rich Text - Outlook Rich Text Format (RTF) is a Microsoft format that only some e-mail programs understand, mainly the Microsoft Office Outlook clients. You can use RTF when sending messages within a company that uses Microsoft Exchange Server ( i.e. OSU). RTF supports text formatting, including bullets, alignment, and links.

* HTML Format – HTML supports text formatting, numbering, bullets, alignment, horizontal lines, pictures (including backgrounds), HTML styles, stationery, signatures, and linking to Web pages. This type of format provides the greatest range of formatting possibilities.

When using Outlook, how do I make changes or choose a Format?

How to change the format of your message depends on if you have Word as your email editor. To determine if Word is your editor, do the following:
In Outlook Click Tools – Options
Click on the Mail Format tab
If the "Use Microsoft Word to edit email messages" is checked then Word is your editor. Please use the instructions below for MS Word as your editor.
Otherwise please use the instructions below for Word is not your editor.

MS Word as your editor
When composing a message with Word as your email editor you have the option of creating a message in Plain Text, Rich Text or HTML Format. In the email, you can choose your format via the format toolbar drop down menu.

MS Word is not your editor

If Word is not your email editor, select the Format menu in the email and click the format you would like to use - Plain Text, Rich Text , or HTML.

When replying to an email message, you can also change the message format. With the message open, select the Format menu; click the format you would like to use (Plain Text, HTML, or Rich Text).
When should you use one type of format over another?

Rich Text can be used in place of Plain text when you are in an environment that uses one of the Microsoft Outlook email clients. CN recommends using Rich Text formatted messages to give you additional formation features. Email clients that can't support rich text formatted messages will simply drop the formatting and show them in plain text.

HTML formatting should only be used when there is a need to insert graphics or specifically format a message to look a certain way. While Outlook can display HTML messages please keep in mind that not all e-mail programs can.

If you have questions about the different formats or would like advice on which format is best to use please contact your CN support team.
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