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29 August, 2008

Network Hacking

There are many types of networks, from Internet networks to printer networks and they can all be illegally accessed and hacked in various ways. Some networks can be relatively simple to gain supervisor or admin access in order to access private files or to change administrator tools for others that normally use the networks involved. Hacking can be used to crash networks, upload viruses and a multitude of other illegal activities that range from irritating to costly and incredibly harmful to the system.

Hacking a network of computers in a company for example can disrupt work and incur major costs in the repair of the network overall including the installation of a higher range of security methods. The time wasted and costs associated with this can be harmful to a company especially if private or financial files have been accessed. The repercussions can be extreme in such cases. Many companies now hire people with hacking skills in order to asses how vulnerable their networking systems are and also to figure out what security methods will give them the best results. The more prolific the company, the more security is necessary in order to protect their systems.

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