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13 August, 2008

Reinstalling + Formating Operating system

Ever since Microsoft came with their tightened up firewall in the present Microsoft OS VISTA...things have become a bit time consuming and fadish[yeah!! i am talking about the screen turning fade with every second firewall yes/no or allow /disallow and the most frequent of them all 'NOT Responding'
Ok, by mistake will playing with Task Manager[Cntrl + Shift + Esc ] and some arbit game i was playing stopped responding. And there i saw a change in Processes tab in Task Manager "WinFault" down in the list. So, if somthing like this happens next time with you, A Not Responding message comes up and your close the application followed by End Now crap...You just open your Task Manager,click on Processes ,scroll down to WinFault and Select it and click on end process....Thats it!!! YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED !!!

Yippeeee...Keep visiting for more!!

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Reinstalling + Formating Operating system

#1 Backing up files

If you have a habit of saving all the files in My Documents, This is your first step. Check out all possible folders like My Pictures, My Music and copy whichever is required to some other folder. You will loose data as they are in same drive where you will install the OS.

#2 Saving your configuration and profile files

In most of the software’s the facility to backup profiles or software configuration is present. Now in case you are going to install the software after re installation, You ,must do it so that you don’t loose your optimized settings and save time.

#3 Saving all your download folders and files

By default all softwares and settings are made to save files somewhere in C directory. Now lets say you downloaded a complete setup of itunes which is around 50 MB and saved in C:\download, If you don’t back it up you will have to re download that which will be ultimate waste of time.

So in case you have any thing like this save it.

#4 Re think on Partition Size.

Now lets say You have re installed as you don’t have much space left and You decided to reinstall everything and install only the required once to save space. Since you are going to re install its a better idea to increase the size of you partition . You might need some professional help or somebody who knows how to do this, but it will help you in long run.

#5 Note down things you need to install after this

Now since we have backed up everything and its ready to go . This one step you must follow.

Make a list of things you will be installing after reinstallation is over. Here is QUICK LIST

  • Antivirus and Spywares
  • Browsers and addons.
  • Office Suites
  • Media Players and updates.
  • Rest of the things.

It gives you an idea of general things, You can change the list according to your need

Steps after reinstallation

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