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13 August, 2008

Send Free SMS InternationaL

First of all i wannna tell you i am not joking , this is true by a simple trick or you can say hack or anything else you can send all sms free Abroad also....
I try it myself and sends more than 1000 Sms free International like Africa, Australia , Usa , France ........
The trick is the following:-
1. Must have Airtel connection or you should have the connection in which your Balance doesnot go into negative like in Hutch if we have have balance like 2 or 3 Rs then if you make a call or use GPRS there balance goes into negative , these days In Airtel also balance goes into negative but in some case the don't.
2. This Hack or you can say the trick you can use only on Nokia 2600 , well i use on that phone only try it on 1110 but no use on that phone.
3. The Advantage of this phone is that you can send 2 or 3 or more sms Simontaniously , this all happens like this , in Nokia 2600 when you send sms there will be a bar on your phone that message is sending so at that time if you click any button that nag screen disappears and if you have speed you can send one more sms while sending the previous one.
4. In Airtel , when i was very addicted to send sms to ma friends i find that when you have balance less than Rs 5 then you can send one free sms anywhere in the world but just only one , by this i came to knwo about the Airtel weak security and servers.
5. Now we do like this first of all go to any Airtel dealer and have free sms pack. And then save the international no. on your phone by which you can find it easily (i tried using it blank or .123.... goes on) now save your no. or any friend no you want and left the name blank or simple digits , now write a text message and send it to you or your friend , and when you can see the nag screen saying the message is sending , at that time click the main menu button and again send the message to your Abroad friend at any country , you must have speed or else the second msg will not go... NOTE You can send 1 message, if in your mobile if you see the upper right corner if it says message sending into two parts then it will not go only one message can go . After doing this the message to your friend who is in abroad will recieve the message like you receive the message of your friend but the best thing is its all free , the Airtel will think that you have send both the message in India only because you was too fast that you send 2 message at a time one to India and one to Abroad whihc they cannot detect...
So enjoy sending free Sms!!!!!!!

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