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29 August, 2008

WI FI Hacking

WI FI is a way of using wireless Internet, cables are not required and it was originally designed for use with laptops and mobile phones. WI FI has become increasingly popular due to the lack of cables and cheap installation costs. Many people are now using WI FI instead of the usual Internet connections. The disadvantages of WI FI include the fact that WI FI can be easily hacked into. The most common form of encryption for WI FI can be simply hacked even if it is configured properly. There are people who travel around with laptops looking for insecure WI FI connections that can be hacked into.

Using these methods, a person could potentially "steal" use of another person's internet and break into files with ease. A great many hackers are using other people's WI FI connections in order to break into secure access files as the connection can be harder to trace to them as it is wireless and in another person's name. This type of hacking can be serious if companies that hold important files use WI FI as the sensitive information involved in the files could be easily accessed by a hacker. There have already been convictions of this type of hacking.

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