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29 August, 2008


Wi-Fi is short for wireless Fidelity and uses the same radio frequencies as Bluetooth. The only difference between Wi-Fi and Blue tooth is the power. Wi-Fi is sometimes called wireless Ethernet.

It is used in creating networks and its configuration is more complicated and difficult than traditional networks. Wi- Fi is increasingly popular as it offers seamless connectivity without the need of wires. This feature is included in almost all laptops and many times if offered as a USB plug and play system that enables Wi-Fi on a desktop computer.

Wi-Fi certifies that network devices comply with the IEEE 802.11 wireless Ethernet standard and is widely used in a variety of hand held devices. The next generation is WiMAX and is much touted to be the replacement to WI-Fi.

Presently Wi-fi is being expanded to include a wide variety of applications in LAN's, VoIP, gaming, DVD players, digital cameras and even intelligent transport systems on cars on highways so that safety and other data can be transmitted to them while they are traveling

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