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16 January, 2009

Email Hacking Software

Email Hacking Software - Password Hacking Software - Yahoo Hacking Software - Hotmail Hacking Software

Don’t get fooled by these words. Most of us are very curious about software that can hack emails.In fact most of the searches about hacking contain the keyword email hacking software.Yes most of the people think that it is possible to hack into Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail using a software.But is it really possible to hack an email? Nothing is impossible! But this doesn’t mean that it is possible using a software.

Now most of you might have got confused! These are some of the questions that may arise in your mind now.

1. Is there any software that can hack an email account?

THERE IS NO READYMADE SOFTWARE FOR HACKING AN EMAIL ACCOUNT.Yes this is true.If you come across any website selling a software with the label like “EMAIL HACKING SOFTWARE” then the site is totally a scam site.I bet, there exists no such program/software.You may search the entire web, but none of the software works.This may be disappointing most of you, but it is true.So, here onwards STOP searching for such software.Most of you may not beleive my words now.Read further and you’ll understand.

Think logically! If there exists such software then what about Google,Yahoo and Hotmail.We all know that they are the top giants which are providing the email service to millions of people.They have invested billions of $$ on these projects and is one of the main source of income for them.If that can be hacked using a software? Don’t even imagine this.These giants have thousands of Network Security Specialists who work 24/7 to combat exploits.Even if there exists any such vulnerability (Bug) they are patched in quick time before they are exploited by hackers.

Suppose assume that a hacker has developed a software and has somehow succeeded to hack into an account.He can use this software to hack the accounts of some big company/merchants and make billions of dollars overnight. With this being the case why should he sell this software on the internet for some cheap money? Inturn he can keep this software as a secret and continue with his work.Now think,does it make sense in selling this software for money? Absolutely NOT.

So the bottomline is never beleive the sites which claims to offer a software to hack an email.These sites are 100% scam.

They just want to trap some innocent people who beleive this.I can give you many examples where people are fooled by these kind of sites.I’ll not disclose the names of these sites for obvious reasons.But one thing I’ll tell you.If a site claims to sell an such software or asks you to pay before they send you the password then that site is really stupid and nonsense.Even if such software exists it will never be available for sale.So don’t get fooled by these sites.There exist’s no Software for email hacking.


2. Are there any real hackers who can hack the password?

There may be! Who know’s.But don’t think that hacking an email is so easy.It is almost impossible to hack Yahoo,Gmail or Hotmail.So even if there exists such a hacker the chances of you getting his contact is very rare.

3. There are many sites on the internet which claim to hack any password for money.Are they legitimate? Will they really hack password?

Most of the sites which claim to hack an email are not genuine.They just cheat innocent people to sniff money.There are many sites which claim to show some proofs such as screenshot of the inbox before you can make a payment.I have tried few such sites but none of them responded or showed me such proofs.But it’s not a loss to try such sites unless you don’t pay them until they show you the proofs.But never pay before they show the proofs.

4. Finally are there any other ways to hack an email password?

One good news for all of you.It is still possible to hack an email account and get the password.These are some of the working methods that you can try to hack an email password.It is disscussed in the post Hacking An Email Account and Hacking Yahoo, Gmail or any other Password which covers the real ways of professional hacking using Fake Login Pages.

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