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16 January, 2009

Get a Call from your own Cell Phone number

Here is a trick to get a call to your cell phone from your own number.Do you think I am crazy? No, I am not…….

Just try the following steps and you’ll get a call to your cell phone from your own number.


1. Just give a missed call to this number.You’ll not be charged!


2. Wait for a few seconds and you’ll get a call to your cell phone from your own number

3. Receive the call.You’ll hear a lady voice asking for a PIN number.Just enter some rubbish number.

4. She say’s- Your PIN cannot be processed and the call disconnects..


Instead of giving a missed call, just continue calling.The call will not be received and will get disconnected just after a while.But now do you know what happen’s?

You will get a call from the number


Reason behind this trick

God Knows!!

Just try and pass your comments. Tell me whether the second trick worked or not!!

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