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15 January, 2009

Hack Zune 80GB Media Player- Add a 40/60/80 GB Hard Drive

Add A 40/60/80 GB Hard Drive

Start by removing the bottom dock port spacer with a razer or flathead screwdriver. Insert on one of the long ends and not in the middle of the dock. It should pop off easily. After the dock port spacer is removed you will now have access to both screws. Remove them. You should now be able to open the case.

When you are removing the case slowly work down the “crack” until it pops up. Do not pry the whole thing from one end. You should now be able to remove the battery and hard drive casing.

Remove the 4 screws holding the drive case on the board as well as the clip for the battery. Remove the battery. Now remove both clips for the clickwheel. Simply lift up on the brown parts with a flathead screwdiver or your fingernails if you have them. Now lift up on the hard drive and put the drive and casing above the top part of the Zune (by the headphone jack).

Remove the drive cable clip and remove the sticky tape off the label side of the drive. You should now be able to remove the hard drive to replace it. Now get your new 40/60/80GB drive and remove the metal plate label. You should be able to use your fingernail to pop the label side off of the drive. There are two sticker spots holding this on so it will not come off easily.


After the label plate is removed we can connect the new drive to the Zune. You do not need to re-use the hard drive cage when installing a 60/80GB drive because the drive is too large. If you are using a 40GB drive then you can use the exact set up as the 30GB drive.

You should cut the old drive pads to fit two of them on the new drive. Be careful not to use too much or your new drive will not fit. When putting everything back together be sure and use your old battery enclosure so the battery gets seated properly.

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