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15 January, 2009

Send Spam Email to Friends

In this post i will show you how to send spam email to friends.Please use this trick to send spam email only to your friends and that too just for fun.Some times it’s a great fun to play an online prank! Is it not? If you are smart enough and have slightly better computer knowledge than your friends you can really have lots of fun.

Here i’ll show you how to send a fake/anonymous email to your friends.That is you can hide your real name and real email address.You can insert the name and from address of your choice.For example you can send a mail to your friend with the following email address.

Isn’t this amazing.I bet, most of us don’t know that we can send email from other’s name also.Definitely it will be a fun to send an email as Bill Gates (From Microsoft) with the id: Of course you can use the name and address of your choice.But here i have taken the example of Bill Gates.By using this trick i have fooled many of my friends.So now i am sharing this trick with you.

But one more thing to be remembered! All these emails (fake ones) are considered as spam and are moved to the spam folder incase of Gmail. Bulkbox incase of Yahoo.

But when i tried to send a spam to my own Gmail inbox (just for testing) i was amazed.It directly sent the email to inbox.Here’s i have made a small review of Gmail’s Spam filtering ability.

Do you think Gmail is strong enough in filtering spam? The answer is YES and NO!

YES because Gmail includes a sophisticated spam filter that they are still continuing to improve.It removes spam from the inbox and sends valuable data to the Gmail team working on spam blocking.

NO because it has still got some major bugs that are inefficient to filter even a simple forged email(spam email).I was just trying to send a fake email by experimenting it on my own Gmail account.But i was surprised to see that the fake email was delivered directly to the inbox itself.This time Gmail failed to filter a simple spam.But this is not the case all the time.Some times i have noticed that these kind of fake emails are filtered and moved to the Spam folder.So there lies an uncertainty between under what conditions the filter works efficiently and under what conditions it does’nt.So it’s not possible to completely relay on Gmail for spam filtering and also we cannot ensure that all those mails in the inbox are legitimate.

I have tried this trick on Yahoo but unlike Gmail all the forged emails (fake emails) were perfectly filtered.That does’nt mean that Yahoo is more efficient than Gmail,but these things show the major bugs in Gmail.

Many times we wonder why Gmail & Orkut still carry that 4 letter word “BETA”.But these are some of the reasons for Gmail to be still in testing stage.

Here’s some of the snapshots of my own inbox.Theres a couple of fake messages that appears to have come from Bill Gates <>. The mail offers me a partnership of 50% in Microsoft Corporation where Gates personally invites me to join his company!!!




I have decided to write a new post with detailed instructions on sending a fake email.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on: How To Send Fake Email ?

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