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01 July, 2009

16GB Mechanical Memory Key

16GB Mechanical Memory Key
So this is Mechanical Memory key Number 3. Its probably, in my opinion, my most successful so far. It has however taken an age to finish (approx 10-12 hours) mainly due to the detail and having to harvest the pieces from the watches myself - I think I probably used parts from around 6 different pocket watches (from brand new ones to watches over 100 years old).

The key is made out of purple heart & has approximately 26 Ruby's which look great when the key catches the light, & when the Keys plugged into a USB, it glows green from underneath the gears giving the key a good sense of movement.

The key's stated size is 16GB (as with all Flash memory sticks, some of that memory holds the 'Plug & Play' drivers) & runs at a fantastic 110x!


$10.00 USD

wana buy go to

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