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30 March, 2010

Get Your Website Secured – Free Penetration Service

The question which screw every webmaster’s mind is “How secure my website is?”. Every webmaster is very keen about their website’s security because they do not want to compromise any of the data on it. I have seen many websites getting hacked every now and then. Not only user’s personal information gets compromised but also reputation of the site goes down to zero! There are some professional Ethical hackers who provides Penetration Testing services for websites, but it costs like $500 and above to get any website tested, which not every one can afford.

I found this interesting offer while surfing through SecWorm is HackingArticle’s affiliate. Its a forum about Hardcore security and Ethical hacking. Staff of secworm is very much experienced in security field. I have seen them testing many websites and applications and helping people to secure their stuffs.

I noticed they have started this service called “FREE PENETRATION AND BETA TESTING FOR ANY TYPE OF WEBSITE!”, and I was like WHOA!, it is really a good way to help webmasters. One of the staff member of Secworm is my good friend. I asked him why would you provide such an expensive service for free. His answer impressed me, only thing he said was “SecWorm’s slogan is Human Knowledge if for the world, Support Open Source and thats exactly what we are doing.” It made sense to me.

I trust SecWorm people because they have helped me fixing few security issues with HackingArticles. So Any of you want to get your website checked you can visit


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