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30 March, 2010

Google Wave Invite Giveaway

Google Wave

I received my supply of invites for Google Wave recently. Its been almost one month since I am using Wave but did not have he capacity to invite others. Today, Google bestowed in me the power to invite 8 people to Google Wave.

For those, unfamiliar with the term, Google Wave is a kind of collaboration tool which works in realtime. What this means is that you can see your friends type each alphabet as and when they type.

I like to call it :

Demise of the Backspace Key

Its a plus point and a negative point also. Imagine, typing something which gets viewed the same instant as you punch in the keys!

Google Wave is still in development phase and it would not be fair to jump to conclusions so soon. To draw an analogy “Who knew twitter could be such a rage?” Let’s wait and watch how Wave matures with time.

For readers of Hacking Articles, I would be giving away Google Wave invites!

How to get Google Wave Invite?

Each participant stands a chance to win a invite to Google Wave on a first-come-first-serve basis. All you have to do is :


  • Subscribe to HackingArticles via Email [Do remember to confirm your subsciption]

  • Tweet about this Post & follow us on Twitter

  • Join us on Google Friend Connect

  • Leave a comment confirming your entry after you are done with above 3 steps

  • How will I know if I won?

    I will email the winners personally because Wave invites are not sent by Google immediately, it may take a day or two to arrive at your inbox. Google is overworked with wave invites so I’ll confirm the winners with the news till they receive the invite from Google. Just be sure to follow the above mentioned steps in totality.

    How many invites are up for Grabs?

    Originally, Google has granted us with the power to invite 8 people to Wave. As the invites are sent out, the number of available invites will keep reducing so hurry up!

    For proof, image is shown below:

Google Wave

Number of invites left : 7

All the best guys! See you on Wave.

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