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28 March, 2010

Hostmonster Coupon Review

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Do you want a Hostmonster Coupon?

As most of you are aware (or not who knows), Hostmonster.Com is a sister company of Bluehost. If you like Bluehost or have seen their services recommended, then you will be happy to know that Hostmonster offers the same great service. Moolahology is happy to help you make the right choice when it comes to web hosting.

Why do you save with Hostmonster? Let’s look at some of the facts…

Using the coupon link in the first paragraph, you are only going to pay a measly $3.95 per month. That is almost half the cost of most of the major hosting networks. After all, Hostmonster isn’t going to cut down on quality simply because the price is a little lower. On top of that, you also get a free domain name with unlimited domain hosting, plus an unlimited amount of Gigs for site transer. That’s service you can depend on.

Hostmonster has a reliable track record too. You won’t find very many unhappy people that used their hosting. You will always find someone who is unhappy with a company, that’s just the facts of life. What you want to make sure on is whether or not there is a large portion of unsatisfied folks. If there isn’t, that’s good news.

Another good reason to use Hostmonster is that they offer their customer quad core processing servers. If you know anything about web hosting, it is that CPU power generally is used before more Ram on a server – depending of course on the clients needs. In this case, since it is shared hosting, top notch CPUs are what is used. Not to bad huh?

They are known to keep on top of their updates and as such, always have the latest version of PHP etc… and they even give a SSL secure server for those of you wishing to run an e-commerce operation. That’s a sweet bang for the buck, especially at $3.95 a month. Where else can you get all of these goodies?

Now I know you can go anywhere for web hosting, but why not use the Hostmonster coupon I gave you? Heck you can always refund if you don’t like them. The reason I put this article together is for other people’s benefit. I’m not blowing hot air here (well typing not speaking I suppose) for nothing. Get yourself a reliable webhost today. Sign up with Hostmonster below or find another provider – either web, the web awaits you.

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout. I’m always on this site and if I see you wrote a question I’ll be happy to help in any way I can. Well, you can always give a shout out even if you don’t have a question about Hostmonster of their hosting packages. All the best in your web journeys.

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