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28 March, 2010

Reveal hidden passwords under asterisks for free


College labs, Cyber cafes are a good source of saved passwords. People either save their passwords unknowingly sometimes as the “Remember my password” is checked by default or when the settings of the browser are set to saving the password automatically.

Accessing their email accounts, social networking profiles etc becomes easier but most of the times its difficult to change or know those passwords as they are under asterisks and changing the password required you to enter the old password.

This is where Asterisk Key comes in handy. Its a free software which shows you the password behind asterisks in the ACTIVE INTERNET EXPLORER window. It however, doesn’t work in firefox or chrome but only Internet Explorer.

Download Asterisk Key (454KB)

Stay tuned as I’ll post on how to use Asterisk Key and retrieve MTNL broadband internet password of any user.

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